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Posted by :Networkbytes Technical Team

Posted on :23 April, 2021

A few years back a malware called "WannaCry Ransomware" caused havoc worldwide. It attacked a number of devices in the world, gets their data, encrypts it and locks their devices.

A recent report says that the data of 500 million Facebook users have been made available online for free. It means that if you have a Facebook account it is more likely that your data is leaked online.

Another report says user data of more than 100 million MobiKwik users is available for sale on dark web

All the above reports point that there are increasing incidents of cyberattacks happening worldwide. Therefore, cyber security is very important in today's world

let us know about CYBER SECURITY ?

Cyber Security: -

In day-to-day life we have to provide our different data like identity proof and financial data for bank transactions, personal information for social media and online shopping, health data if using health app and different electronics devices. Problems arise when these data are leaked from any of the above used services by cyberattack or anything else. So, to secure these types of data breach *cyber security* is important. Cyber security is the practice to safeguard different user information stored in electronic device, clouds or different servers

We live in a world where technology evolves every day and becomes better than yesterday. In this continuous process CYBER THREAT also grows at a much higher pace as a result data breach occurs more frequently. Therefore, the need for CYBER SECURITY EXPERT is increasing every day, they take care of all the possible aspects of data breach. Following are aspects taken care of by cyber security experts.

  • NETWORK SECURITY: - Under network security there are various technologies, devices and processes will work. There are no. predefined rules that are specially configured to protect it from cyber threats and maintain confidentiality of your network by using software and hardware devices. Following are the practices used in network security.
    • Network Access Control: - it is used to ensure that hackers cannot connect to your network. It is the first layer of securing your network. By using this you can allow you administrator full access to your network but deny access to some specific confidential folders. you can also restrict their personal electronic devices from joining your network
    • Antivirus and Antimalware software: - By using this your network can be protected from no. of harmful software including various viruses, ransomwares etc.
    • Firewall protection: - By using this you can protect your network from untrusted external networks and websites.
  • APPLICATION SECURITY: - To protect your app data and code from being stolen application security is done. It includes developing, adding, testing desired security features while app development to secure your app from unwanted authorization and modification. It is an important aspect of cyber security because your app can be found anywhere in the internet which increases their vulnerability from potential threats. Testing your app also reveals their vulnerability and further it helps from protecting cyber threats. Following are the different aspects of the application security.
    • Authentication: - While application development developers have to develop multifactor authentication for logging in to your app. It ensures that the person who is using their app is genuine. It can be accomplished by requiring a simple username and password and then requiring two factor authentication such as SMS, thumb and facial recognition.
    • Authorization: - When the user gets authenticated and logged in to your app. The user gets authorized to use services to your app. It must be done after authentication.
    • Encryption: - Some apps use cloud services to store and transmit sensitive user data from end-user to cloud and vice versa. This data can be encrypted to protect it from being seen and even leaked.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY: - When there is an organization facing some unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, equipment / power failure or even cyber-attacks. The process of resuming their operational capabilities as before is called disaster recovery. It includes processes like backing up your data and computational power to some other location outside the organization premises. Generally, every organization transfers their data to some other location which is extremely helpful for resuming its operations in case of cyber-attacks and natural calamities

By practicing the above cyber security protocols an organization can operate their business continuously without any fear of cyber-attack and data breach.

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