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Posted by :Networkbytes Technical Team

Posted on :23 April, 2021

What is Cybersecurity and why do we need it?

Today many new advanced technologies are available with varieties of features. The combination of internet and technology is becoming common in our daily life. The internet has made its way into almost everything. All the business organizations today handle all their business matters and transactions through online mediums or portals.

Due to increase in number of internet users, risk of cyber-attacks also increased. Cybercrimes are now one of the biggest risks associated with the use of the internet. That is why it is important to perform security measures for cyberattacks; because it includes recovering of data, computer systems, other connected devices, protection of hardware and software systems etc. The main goal of cyber security is to ensure a strong firewall and defense against cybercrimes.

Now you are thinking about how these cybercrimes are conducted, here’s an example of cyberattack and countermeasure the company has taken after the attack. In February 2000,,, and were among many Internet sites affected by a group of cyber-terrorists who hacked into the company websites and made alterations to program coding. The problem was so severe that the companies were forced to shut down in order to repair the damage and stop the unauthorized activity. As a result of the site closing, program changes were made to help prevent future break-ins.

Importance of Cybersecurity

Now everything is going online with internet and advanced technologies. Businesses also make use of the internet to connect with their clients and offer their services. Organizations also perform various confidential functions to grow their businesses via internet, while you are browsing internet many sensitive information gets leaked through malicious links; Users are asked to provide sensitive information like their ID numbers, banking information etc. on online portals on a regular basis. Therefore, cybersecurity is required to protect integrated business systems. So that privacy can be maintained in businesses and also to prevent cyberattacks.

As a business organization, it is your responsibility to ensure security for every stakeholder involved. Businesses have to ensure:

  • Strong communication stream
  • Protection of user data
  • Hassle-free execution of target
  • A strong defense against cybercrimes and threats against all business resources.

Technology usage is very high, but with this risks and advancement of cyberattacks and threats is also on the rise; people involved in these cybercrimes are coming up with better and hard to detect means of sabotaging cyber security protocols. Defense seems to be getting more complex and harder however, the frequency and damage caused by these attacks is also increasing. Thus, businesses have to be serious and realize the importance of cybersecurity. There is a never-ending list of cybercrimes that may occur, some of them are listed below:

  • Scareware - It is also called as fake security warning. In this the users get notified through popup that their computer system is at risk and has been attacked. To protect their system, they should install a “program” that will help them overcome the issue and ensure that their data is protected. This tricks the users into downloading the program. At times, the program endorsed is free but some scareware also makes the users pay a small amount of money to install the program. Users are under the impression that they have downloaded an anti-virus software but in reality, the software is the encoded program that is used to hijack their system.
  • Malwares- Malware such as viruses, trojan horses and worms etc. are used to infect the systems. The malware is shared via emails or external memory devices. These are programs that start running in the background of your system without you even realizing. As a result, the user barely even realizes that his system has been hijacked and the security is now compromised.
  • Denial of service attack —It blocks the access to networks, services or applications. This attack works by occupying these resources so they are exhausted. As a result, when legitimate users try to access these resources, they are unable to do so.
  • Zombies and Botnets- Botnets are developed with the intention of stealing data from a system. These programs are also hard to detect and can easily infect a computer and lead to data theft and other serious security issues. The botnet eventually creates a network of all the compromised computers, known as zombies. The botnet acts as a controller and therefore takes over the control of all the zombie computers.

Some Preventative measures of cybersecurity for Businesses are by keeping data backups, by using antivirus software, by implementing advanced cybersecurity options, and by making some strategic disaster management plan, by keeping strong pass codes and many more.

Businesses gets highly affected due to cyber-crime. If you want to ensure that your business is well respected in the market and has a good reputation, you should be aware of the importance of digital security. Therefore, as a business owner, make sure that your focus is at the right place follow cyber security protocols to safeguard your business resources and the data of not only your company but also of all the stakeholders that are involved in your company. To get the best cybersecurity services feel free to connect with us.

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