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Cloud IT Services

Cloud IT Services

Posted by :Networkbytes Technical Team

Posted on :23 April, 2021

When there is a computing power delivering on demand to a specific organization through the internet then it is called Cloud Services. They canbe avail through remote cloud computing servers instead of an on-site server. These services can be provided by third party vendors and grantusers to provide a wide range of computational services.

They provide higher efficiency and productivity at much lower cost. By using this, an organization doesn’t have to spend a lot on IT infrastructure and management staff.

Instead of spending money for buying, owning and maintaining your own servers and data centers. You can access services such as storage database and computational power on an as needed basis from a cloud provider. Every organization irrespective of their type, size and industry are using cloud for different services like data backup, virtual desktops, software development and testing, disaster recovery etc. For example, Health care professionals are using cloud services for more customized treatment of patients.

Gaming industry using cloud servers for delivering games online to a large no. of players, In day to day use we all consume media such as songs, videos which are not stored in our devices by using cloud services.

  • Cost effective: - Cloud IT services help businesses to reduce their operational cost because they don’t have to invest in hardware and software equipment. They will only pay for the services they are using.
  • Flexibility: - Cloud IT services give business power to increase and decrease the resource according to their needs in just a few clicks irrespective of their location and time zone. They will only require an active internet connection for using cloud services.
  • Auto Updating: - In the world of continuous evolving technology keeping updated your network / computer systems is a difficult task. By using Cloud services, you don’t need to worry about that. Your all-latest technological needs can be taken care of by cloud service vendors.
  • Increased productivity: - Cloud services give power to employees of the organization to work in a more collaborative and coordinated manner as all the important data and information about ongoing projects is made available anywhere and anytime which helps in increasing their productivity.
  • Improved security: - Cloud services vendors provide a large variety of services. The one with offering like “private cloud services” have to execute best security standards to defend their clients’ data stored in the cloud against any cyber threats

Following are the few Cloud IT services provided by different vendors.

  • Public Cloud: - Generally public clouds are large amounts of available spaces that help organizations to scale their business easily. This service can be useful for collaborative projects and software development. It provides raw processing power and storage capabilities which makes this service very useful in terms of scalability.
  • Private Cloud: - Private cloud is protected with firewall and can be used by only one organization. Only authorized person can use private cloud for accessing information and storing data just like they did on the public cloud. In the private clouds best security standards are executed which makes user tension free from potential cyber threats.
  • Hybrid clouds: - Hybrid clouds are simply a combination of public and private clouds. They are designed in such a way that they both interact with each other smoothly as a result transmission data and application between both platforms can be done easily. This clouds service is very useful for businesses who want some features of both the above cloud services. The main advantage of Hybrid cloud services is that it provides storage capabilities of public cloud with security features of private cloud.

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